Css3 Tutorial

CSS Display Property | Inline,Block, Inline Block | Display Block VS Inline in HTML5

CSS Display Property

  1. Display: Inline
  2. Display: Block
  3. Display: Inline-Block

The Display property in CSS defines how the components(div, hyperlink, heading, etc) are going to be placed on the web page. As the name suggests, this property is used to define the display of the different parts of a web page.

Display Inline Property:

This property is the default property of anchor tags. This is used to place the div inline i.e. in a horizontal manner. The inline display property ignores the height and the width set by the user.

Display Block Property:

This property is used as the default property of div. This property places the div one after another vertically. The height and width of the div can be changed using the block property if the width is not mentioned, then the div under block property will take up the width of the container.

Display Inline-Block Property:

This features uses the both properties mentioned above, block and inline. So, this property aligns the div inline but the difference is it can edit the height and the width of block. Basically, this will align the div both in block and inline fashion.


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